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Skyrim Wallpaper Dark-Red Windows7

For red lovers; just pick a colour, the red, the black, eyesore guaranteed.

There's just one set of outfit (Mods) used in this image:
EC Anka Outfit for UNP.

Skyrim Wallpaper "Flesh-colored" Windows 7/10

Preferred skimpy armors and 3D girls? This is the background for you.

Armor info is included on the next one. Windows 7 and Windows 10 Logo available.
Download Links under the thumbnail.

Skyrim Wallpaper Windows7

Extra Thicc for extra shameless desktops.

For your information, the outfit was based from Blade and Soul PC game
ported to Skyrim by "unknown" individuals from a NSFW mods site, but the thread/post was taken down so, no links this time.
If you have the time to search, use the keyword "BNS Zhumoyi Armor".

Skyrim Wallpaper Blonde Windows7

Gold, Black and Gray ~and it's fleshy.

If you're playing Skyrim JustForFun, the mod: Commonwealth Shorts would be a great addition to your "immersive" armors list as the Author said.

Skyrim Wallpaper SkyBlue-Gold Windows7

Yellow and Blue, perfect with each other.
And the model, so close-up ~so Creepy.

The Aurora Borealis' colour blends well to the character, agreed?
Just like the second one, this is another Blade and Soul armor and the Mod source was taken down.
Use the keyword "Renzuneiyi Armor" if you're searching from other Mod sites.

Skyrim Wallpaper Katana Windows10

With a katana, she looks so fierce! ~meh.

The armor is the same as the first in the list,
the one that's worth getting is the sword that she's holding
(although, she looks like the type who can't handle a katana)
Its name is "Bishu Osafune ju Morikage Katana" which can be downloaded in nexusmods: Bishu Osafune ju Morikage Katana and Tachi.

More Coming Soon

Stay tuned for more crap Wallpapers!

RANDOM∙Ace Skyrim Wallpapers

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